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Ntshwe Drive

A Brown Hyaena den site is situated on this road which can provide a rare sighting into these shy and nocturnal creatures.

Pilanesberg has the highest density of Brown Hyaena in South Africa, partly due to the absence of their cousin, the spotted Hyaena and a sighting of this animal can really be a highlight on any safari in Pilanesberg.

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Moloto Route

Previously known as Bailie Route, this is a long loop towards the far West of the Park and just south of the Wilderness Area.

This drier region of the Pilanesberg National Park making game viewing on a safari can be a bit hit and miss but after the rains, small herds of antelope and the predators that follow them on this road but if there is a sighting it's often a spectacular one

Tlou Drive

The Setswana word for Elephant, this road cuts through the central rings and leads through the drier area of the park.

White Rhino, Lion, Giraffe and Elephant can often be seen along this road on our safaris.

There is a prominent rubbing post which was an old tree stump which over the years became worn down by Warthogs, Blue Wildebeest, and White Rhino scratching themselves or rubbing as an effort to remove ticks and other body parasites.

Kgama Road

Kubu Drive

Nare Road

Sefara Way

An excellent road for seeing the Pilanesberg's elusive Cape Buffalo as well as White Rhino which can often be seen lying near to the waterhole in the shade or grazing in the field nearby on a Pilanesberg Safari.

Lenong View

The Setswana word for Vulture, Lenong is one of the highest points in the park and is very centrally located.

From here one can get an uncompromising view of the sheer magnitude of the volcano and of the subsequent erosion that has formed the "Pilanesberg Alkaline Ring Complex".

Even up here one can see Zebra, Leopard and Elephant, as well as a pair of Klipspringer antelope, who are often seen with their young on the boulder tops during a safari in Pilanesberg.

Tshukudu eNtsho Drive

Mankwe Way

Around the inner ring of the complex, the grasses are more unpalatable on this side so animals can sometimes be very scarce.

However on occasion this road has some stunning sightings which include resident Leopard, breeding herds of Elephant, Lions and plains game enjoyed on a Pilanesberg Safari and Tour.

Letsha Road

Tshwene Drive

The main thoroughfare for most safaris in the Pilanesberg National Park from Manyane Resort and the town of Mogwase, the drive reaches the centre of the ring complex and passes between zones of mountainous regions and grasslands.

Hippo Loop

A short loop which takes one close to Mankwe Dam on a safari in Pilanesberg. Aquatic birds, Crocodiles and Hippopotamus are generally present here and early mornings can often provide sightings of predators on a Pilanesberg safari.

Thutlwa Drive

The Setswana word for Giraffe, remnants of the old farms, dry stone kraal walls can be seen here and Rhino enjoy the grazing along this route and Buffalo occasionally make their way down to Rathlogo Hide during the drier safari months.

Kgabo Drive

The main road to the centre of the park and Pilanesberg Centre from Bakgatla, 'Kgabo' means Vervet Monkey and Rathlogo Waterhole is often worth a visit where your patience may be rewarded with sightings of Rhino, Kudu and Bushbuck. White Rhino, Tssessebe and Giraffe are regularly seen on this road during a guided Pilanesberg safari.

Tau Drive

The Setswana word for Lion, Common Tree Euphorbia's (Euphorbia ingens) are quite prominent here and are distinctive to this area of the Park.

Black Rhino have been known to feed on them and the San used to poison their arrowheads and fish using the poisonous latex from these unusual trees.

Giraffe and Steenbok can also be frequently seen along this road and with some patience, Tau Pan, a small hidden waterhole can produce some excellent sightings on a Pilanesberg safari.

Thlware Road

Along Thlware you can often see Yellow-spotted Rock Hyrax a.k.a Rock Dassies sunbathing on the rocky outcrops (Surpisingly they are the Elephants closest living relative). The predators that hunt them which include African Rock Python, Leopard and Verreaux's Eagle would be considered a special sighting on a Pilanesberg safari.

Tshepe Drive

This is the main access road from Kwa Maritane Lodge and can often reveal some very rewarding sightings of Lion and Elephant. On this road you see Slagterkop (Slaughter Hill) where tribal chiefs would execute cattle thieves or witches by throwing them down the cliff face. To this day it is still a place of sorrow and one can even see the tears flowing down the face of the cliff on a Pilanesberg tour.


The interesting rocks and the geology of this Park can be wonderfully seen whilst driving through these mountains and gives a greater understanding to how this Alkali Ring Complex came to be.

Leopards have been seen in amongst the rocks and in the small dam, Hippos are generally seen briefly before the re-submerse themselves with a grunt. Elephants are also seen along the road on occasions.

Dithabaneng Route

Is a long windy route in the North Eastern section of the Park comprising of thick thornveld with the protected and endangered Shepherd's Tree (Boscia albitrunca) and Stink Shepherd's Tree (Boscia foetida).

Black Rhino, Lions and Elephants are frequently seen on safari as well as the resident Hippos in Malatse Dam.

Black Rhino Game Reserve

Recently incorporated into the Pilanesberg National Park, a number of privately owned and exclusive, 10 sleeper lodges exist in this near 2000 hectare reserve.

Situated on the north west border to the Pilanesberg National Park, Black Rhino Game Reserve was one of the first additions in the form of private land towards the end goal and establishment of the "Heritage Park", a corridor linking Pilanesberg and Madikwe National Parks.

Ideal for private groups and exclusive experiences, the lodges in the Black Rhino Reserve have access the Pilanesberg and it's 200 km network of roads via a secluded valley through a wilderness area, conducted in private, open game viewing vehicles.

Shepherd's Tree Game Lodge

A 5 star game lodge set within an exclusive use zone in the south-western section of the Pilanesberg National Park.

Excellent amenities and an award winning spa, the flawless finishes of this luxury lodge provide a stylish atmosphere within a picturesque setting. The lodge's central area with gourmet restaurant, open air dining boma, business centre and casual but stylish bar, as well as the individual suites- all provide uninterupted and commanding views over a distant bushveld amphitheatre.

Situated close to one Pilanesberg's untouched Wilderness Areas, the possibility of exploring this wild area on a walking safari is one of the advantages of staying at Shepherd's Tree.

Tshukudu Lodge

If you are seeking exclusivity, privacy and the ultimate African bush lodge experience, then you will find this at Tshukudu Bush Lodge.

Lounge up high with sundowners in the romantic Nest, or listen to the fables and legends of the Pilanesberg bush under the stars at Tshukudu's unparalleled bush boma.

Bakubung Lodge

Situated in the South West of the Park.

One of the major Lodges in Legacy's portfolio and a stunning one at that. 5 star and fully equipped with all of the amenities one could possibly require.

On day tours we stop here for a buffet lunch that ensures to keep the hungriest person satisfied.

Sun City Resort

Built in the 1980s as a 1-stop shop for the rich and famous featuring wave parks, golf courses, casinos, plush hotels and a bizarre selection of eateries, right on the very outskirts of the Park and access to the Park is through their own gate.

There is also the Adventure Centre where one can enjoy Quad Biking, Archery as well as Clay Pigeon shooting.

The Pilanesberg Centre

The only remaining settlement from the Farming era before the Park was established.

Built in 1936 as the courthouse and jail, it is now a coffee shop and eatery as well as a curio shop.

It is well worth having a look at the view from the decking and there are often animals nearby due to the salt lick and small waterhole.

Kwa Maritane Lodge

Another of Legacy's Bush Lodges and providing all of the comfort and services of the city in the bush.

Now back in operation after burning in 2008. Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge is looking better than ever and with well trained and experienced guides perfect if you want a Luxury Bush getaway.

Bakgatla Resort

Like Manyane and part of Golden Leopard Resorts, the Bakgatla complex is situated in the North East border of the Park and is nestled among the outer ring of volcanic mountains.

The resort also has a number of facilities such as a swimming pool, restaurant, camping and caravan sites, executive permanent tents and 3 star 5 sleeper family chalets.

Laps Health and Beauty Spa offers value for money treatments in a relaxed atmosphere.

Ivory Tree Game Lodge

This 5 star bush lodge is located in the north east of the Park with excellent amenities and services.

Open vehicle game drives depart twice daily and are inclusive in the accommodation rate.

The Amani African Spa is also well recognised and winner of multiple bush spa awards.

Manyane Resort

Like Bakgatla and part of the community owned, Golden Leopard Resorts, Manyane complex is a family orientated resort offering camping, caravanning, permanent tents as well as numberous 2 and 4 sleeper 3 star chalets.

There is a mini-golf course as well as swimming pools, a bar area and restaurant.

Mankwe Dam

Due to the collapsed central ring dyke indicating the Pilanesberg's volcanic origins, this stunning man made dam is situated in the centre of the Park and cannot be missed because of the location, but also because of the phenomenal sightings.

Excellent birding and the resident Hippos and Crocs certainly add to the excitement, and there are often plenty of Springbok, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Warthogs, Waterbuck and even the odd Ostrich to be seen.

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